We're only a little past the quarter mark of the NBA season and already there are some facts that we simply cannot ignore. The Warriors are better than everyone. The Sixers are worse than everyone. Kobe is never going to get that sixth ring. And the Nets, well, they have no hope for the future.

But what if we had the power to change these facts? What if we had at our disposal a machine, a magical machine that allowed us to bend much of the league's common sense trade rules and re-make teams how we see fit?

All hail the ESPN Trade Machine. So simple yet powerful enough to allow our Complex Sports staff to shift the balance of power in the NBA however we want. We've already used it to trade many of your favorite players (WestbrookMelo | Kobe | Rose | Durant), now we're trying to fix things on the bigger scale. Get Melo out of New York? Sure. Get Drake a really big ring? Why not? Make the Clippers likable? Pack your bags, CP3. These are 13 ESPN Trade Machine-Approved Deals the NBA Needs Right Now.