Turn on the Woj tweet notifications, keep an eye on your timeline, and get ready to argue about why Dwight Howard is the missing piece to your squad's championship puzzle because it's NBA trade deadline week! That wonderful time of year when one team's marginal bench warmer becomes another team's savior.  When teams with no shot at a title unload their assets and when dreams of ticker tape parades are tied to guys like Ersan Ilyasova and P.J. Hairston. Which, in reality, is definitely sad.

Sometimes, though, real NBA stars are traded. Recently, Blake Griffin has been the subject of such trade rumors. In the past we've examined possible deals for Carmelo Anthony, Derrick Rose, Kevin Durant, Russell WestbrookKobe Bryant, and the NBA in general—but a lot of these were just dreams. This time, in the case of Blake Griffin, there's a sense that much of this is really possible. Blake's out here breaking his hand punching Clippers employees and the team wins 18 of 23 games without him? Regardless of what Doc Rivers may say: Blake could get dealt.

Below are 12 possible trade scenarios with 12 different trade partners. Who knows? One of them may go down before Thursday. These are 12 ESPN Trade Machine-Approved Deals For Blake Griffin.