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NFL fans who go to games are, as a whole, a good group of people. They show up on Sundays, root for their favorite teams, and then go home once the action is over. But as with any large group of people, there are always a few bad apples in the bunch who try to spoil the fun for everyone. These fans have been ruining the NFL experience for other fans for generations by getting drunk and belligerent, looking for fights, and doing other negative stuff during games.

Today, thanks to the prevalence of smartphones and social media, these fans are, for the most part, no longer anonymous. Videos of them behaving badly are routinely posted to Twitter and Instagram, and stories about them go viral almost every single weekend during the fall. So as the current NFL season winds down, we decided to see which NFL fans behaved the baddest over the last few months. These are The 25 Worst Fans of the 2014-15 NFL Season. Here's to hoping nobody ends up seated next to any of these people next season.