In a National Football League with 32 teams, only 12 playoff spots, and guaranteed playoff entry for all division winners, you're bound to get a few postseason snubs. Nearly every year we see an 8-8 team make the playoffs instead of one with a 9-7 record, and like clockwork people start to clamor for the NFL to change the way it structures its tournament to the Super Bowl. This year is no different.

Oh, wait—yes it is. Because not only did FOUR 9-7 teams not make the playoffs, but a 10-6 club also missed out this year. All in favor of a team that didn't even win half it's games.

The NFC South champion Carolina Panthers will enter this year's postseason with a paltry 7-8-1 record, having earned a HOME PLAYOFF GAME along the way. Only defeat one playoff team this season? Doesn't matter. End your season on a "hot streak" by beating teams with a combined 22-42 record? Doesn't matter. Get pummeled and have your score more-than-doubled by the 10-6 Eagles team you stole a playoff spot from? 

You get the idea.

Because the NFC South was so pathetic this year, and because there are so many teams we'd rather watch next weekend besides that division's "champion," here are 9 Teams We'd Rather See in the Playoffs Besides the Carolina Panthers. This normally would be a list of 10, but even we can't pretend to wanna see the Miami Dolphins over Unbreakable Cam Newton.

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