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Who had a worse day on Sunday: Colin Kaepernick or the 49ers fan in this video with a Colin Kaepernick jersey on? That's a tough one. Because while Kaepernick was pretty terrible on the field—and then got called out by a Raiders player after the 49ers/Raiders game ended—the Niners fan in the clip above also took a series of Ls on the day.

First, the fan got stomped out by several Raiders fans at the San Francisco/Oakland game. Then, when he finally got back up on his feet, he got punched in the face. And finally, once all that was over, he got arrested…while the Raiders fans who beat him up sat back and watched. He was actually the only one in the video who was hauled off by police, despite all the fighting that took place.

There's probably more to the story than what we can see here. But regardless of what happened before the cameras were rolling, it's pretty clear that this fan had one of the worst performances of his life on Sunday. Just like Kaepernick.

[via Black Sports Online]