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NFL fans do a lot of really dumb things at football games that they should be punished for. Just see here, here, and here to check out some examples of what we're talking about. But standing? Standing? That doesn't seem like it should be a punishable offense, does it?

However, one unlucky Chiefs fan found out that you can be punished for "Excessive Standing" at NFL games during Kansas City's matchup with the Cardinals in Arizona on Sunday. He was apparently standing up for too long during the game and was handed a warning card that, in essence, told him to have a seat, or else...

We guess that there's a chance the fan may have been doing more than just standing. For example, maybe he was standing and talking trash to a Cardinals fan for the entire game, in which case we understand the warning card. But if all he was doing was standing up and cheering in an opposing team's stadium, did he really deserve a warning? Um, we think you already know the answer to that.

Have a seat, Cardinals.

[via Sportress of Blogitude]