Yesterday, the San Diego Chargers played host to the Oakland Raiders for a game they ultimately won 13-6.

However, the more newsworthy number of the day came from the 25 people who were arrested during the game. The statistic is unsurprising based on video footage collected by spectators, showing massive brawls that took place during and after the match-up. Clearly, these two fan bases share some bad blood. 

Captured by YouTube user Damon Luevano, the video above shows a fight sparked by a sort of domino effect, as fans from both sides crash into each other in the stands, drawing more people into the fight, and instigating even more mayhem. Then, in the video below, we witness a post-game showdown in the parking lot. As you'll see, the fight eventually cooled down, and shortly thereafter, the police showed up.

Fan violence is mostly stupid, and this isn't really an exception, but, at the same time, you kind of have to admire any fan base that will throw punches over a squad that is well on its way to posting an 0-16 season. So, kudos to you, Raiders fans. Keep fighting the good fight, literally.

[via Busted Coverage]