Unfortunately, you still can’t really talk about sneaker releases—how they come and go—without talking about the supply chain issues still interrupting them. The global footwear industry remains unsettled. The sneakers you’re expecting may not show up when they’re supposed to, or they may not show up at all. Through those obstacles, though, there have been plenty of exciting shoes in the first half of the year. These are the sneaker releases that you have to talk about when you talk about 2022, or at least the first six months of it.

We reserve the right to completely and totally pivot on these choices come our more definitive rankings at the end of the year, casting some aside and elevating others. Part of understanding which sneakers are good and which are not is seeing how well they stick around. There are certain shoes that are hot for a moment, or ones that seem like a big deal upon their initial release, that don’t really have any lasting impact. Sneakers can sour mere weeks after their launch. So when you check back in on us for Complex’s final 2022 ranking of the best sneakers of the year, things here may have changed. But until then, these are the best sneakers of 2022 so far.