The Most Anticipated Sneakers of 2024

New year, new sneakers to look forward to. These are 2024’s potential blockbuster drops and what we know about their release dates.

Via Complex

Last year is over—you took all the Ls for the sneakers you wanted most, maybe even missed out on the restocks, and nobody showed up for you on Christmas with a crispy pair of the Nike SB x Air Jordan 4. We whittled down all the shoes that were released in 2023, you got mad about the selections, and then we reshuffled it a bit to some avail. It may not be distant, but all that is history at this point in the new year. So, what’s next?

12 fresh months of upcoming sneaker releases, pairs to complain over when you miss out on them, and passionate debates on their respective merits on the internet. Because sneaker collecting is such a huge hobby, there are people who dedicate their lives to breaking news about which pairs are coming out when and leaking info on upcoming shoes before the brands officially announce them. This means that we already have a decent picture of what 2024’s sneaker releases will look like. Which of them are the most anticipated?

The Complex team took a look at all the 2024 sneakers that the public is aware of so far and edited that wider group down to the 10 that have the most buzz around them.

The list is limited to sneakers that we have some concrete information about—so things like Jerry Lorenzo’s hints around his next Adidas model didn’t make the cut. What else didn’t make the cut? We’d considered the Air Jordan 17 retro, but it feels like that’s a sneaker people aren’t actually going to show up for when it hits shelves. J Balvin’s next Air Jordan 3 colorway will be a big one for sure, but isn’t as exciting as some other shoes coming in 2024. And we’re excited for Salehe Bembury’s next Crocs model, but it’s a little too early to judge that one. 

Here are the most anticipated sneakers of 2024, the baseline and first fuzzy picture of what might end up being some of the best sneakers of 2024. Note that this list is unranked, as it’s too speculative to judge these shoes relative to each other without the full context of their release and in-hand impressions. Also note that a lot of the info here, like the expected release windows, is subject to change given that most of these shoes and the details around them haven’t been officially confirmed by the brands.

Travis Scott’s Signature Jordan Shoe

Expected Release: Spring 2024

Travis Scott’s collaborative partnership with Nike and Jordan Brand is now entering its eighth year. From the very beginning it was met with fervor, but what’s most impressive is that after all this time, interest has held strong—the projects have basically become a hype institution for the involved parties. There have been some misses along the way, but as evidenced by the No. 1 (and 2) rankings for Nike SNKRS entries in 2023, the alliance is as strong as ever.  

The rapper’s sneaker influence will face its biggest test yet in 2024, as we should finally see the retail emergence of his first all-new signature silhouette. Variations of the still-unnamed model have popped up on Travis’ feet throughout the past year, following its on-foot debut at the Cannes Film Festival last May. Details are still sparse despite the steady buildup of interest ahead of its impending launch.  

Will it be able to meet or exceed the bar set by his most popular Air Jordans? It’s a high standard to live up to, but the premise of his own sneaker model is an exciting one, and we’re ready to see how this plays out. —Zac Dubasik

Air Jordan 4 ‘Military’

Expected Release: May 2024

This shouldn’t have taken this long. Look, we’re happy that a “Military Blue” Air Jordan 4 with the original “Nike Air” branding on the back is happening. It’s just that the sneaker feels overdue after all the other things Jordan Brand has done to this silhouette over the past few decades instead of just bringing a true first version back out. The “Military Blue” is not most people’s favorite among the group of debut colorways for the Air Jordan 4 (although maybe interest in it will be higher this year because of 2022’s successful “Military Black” release), but it’s still an important shoe that deserves this kind of treatment.

It’s not the only big Air Jordan 4 that’s coming this year either. In February, Jordan Brand will also release an updated take on the classic “Bred” Air Jordan 4 as part of its Reimagined series, which tweaks retro colorways with new material treatments. This time around, the original black and red colorway of the Air Jordan 4 will show up with a leather upper instead of the standard nubuck. That change will no doubt alienate some purists—one need look no further than the tepid response to the Air Jordan 1 Reimagined “Royal” to know how these designs can go wrong—but a black and red, OG-style Jordan 4 is going to be big regardless. —Brendan Dunne

Nike Air Foamposite One ‘Royal’

Expected Release: Fall 2024

In recent years, Nike has teased Foamposite devotees with a return to form. There was 2021’s Comme des Garçons Homme Plus collab, and 2020 saw the return of the popular “Anthracite” colorway (which also just rereleased to close 2023), but it felt like the brand never got fully behind the model’s revival. It looks like that will finally change in 2024, with the OG-styled “Royal” leading the way. 

Not only is it an original color, but it’s been given a fine-tooth comb makeover complete with 1997 specs, like a two-tone carbon fiber shank and bordered Swoosh logo, details which were only seen on early prototypes of the sneaker. The focus on re-creating the Foamposite One as true to its original design bodes well for its near future, which is also confirmed to include a 2024 retro of the “Eggplant” makeup. The famous “Galaxy” Foamposite One, originally released to much mayhem during All-Star Weekend 2012, is also expected to come back this year. —Riley Jones

Action Bronson x New Balance 1906R

Expected Release: Spring 2024

Action Bronson is an authentic lover of New Balance sneakers, so it was cool to see him release two of his own 990v6s last year. It was also good to see him ditch the brand’s traditional grey aesthetic in favor of more vibrant colorways that keyed in on delicious Mediterranean pastries and stones from heaven. This year, his approach looks like it will be no different. He’s keeping it fun. After a leaked photo surfaced of his upcoming “Rosewater” 1906R (one of three colorways slated for this year, according to the man himself), Bronson took it upon himself to give a proper look with an on-foot photo of his own. He also noted the inspiration for the colorway, which pulls from some of his favorite women’s-exclusive color schemes throughout sneaker history with details like a pink heel counter and lime green rope laces. Bronson was spotted in blue and fluorescent yellow make-ups throughout 2023 that feel like more direct follow-ups to his 990v6s, but the latest “Rosewater” leak has us the most excited. Not just anybody gets to drop multiple sneakers in a single calendar year. Clearly, the rapper/food connoisseur/fitness enthusiast is doing something right. —Mike DeStefano

Air Jordan 11 ‘Columbia’

Expected Release: December 2024

The “Columbia” Air Jordan 11 is back for the first time since 2001. The shoe sort of retroed in 2014 with the “Legend Blue” release, but that doesn’t quite count. Some might consider this the fourth best (which would make it technically the worst) original Air Jordan 11. But it’s a dang good shoe. It was made famous by Jordan in the 1996 All-Star Game in San Antonio with the turquoise and chile pepper jerseys. It’s an interesting shoe partly because it’s a white Jordan 11 and the patent tends to yellow over the years, giving it a unique patina. Every Christmas Air Jordan 11 release is a big deal and expect these to be no different. Just be grateful Jordan Brand landed on these for 2024 and not the “Gamma Blue.” And if those Gammas are your favorite 11s, you’re dead wrong. —Matt Welty

Korn x Adidas Part 2

Expected Release: Spring 2024

Korn’s first Adidas collaboration, a range of apparel and footwear that included tracksuits and the puffed-out Campus 00s, was one of the biggest mainstream sneaker crossover events of 2023. And there’s a sequel on the way. An internal Adidas presentation from last year that was viewed by Complex laid out plans for two more drops in 2024: one for spring/summer involving artist and Korn collaborator Todd McFarlane, and another for fall/winter celebrating the 30th anniversary of the metal band’s self-titled debut album from 1994. We can’t run the photos of those sneakers just yet (what you see above is from the first drop), and the release windows on them are subject to change given that the intel is relatively old at this point. But whenever the shoes do land, and whatever they look like, there will be some level of frenzy attached. —Brendan Dunne

Nike KD 4 ‘Nerf’

Expected Release: Fall 2024

Times (and trends) have changed in the 13 years since the original release of the Nike KD 4. Highly themed, limited-edition signature basketball sneakers aren’t exactly what’s hot in the streets in 2024. That doesn't mean that performance hoops shoes don’t sell anymore; they just do so more to people using them for their intended on-court purposes.  

When the KD 4 first dropped in 2011, colorways like the Nerf collaboration were much more likely to be flexed on social media or with a matching outfit at the mall than worn for a local rec run. Despite these changes, this period of footwear still represents the prime of Kevin Durant’s signature line, and a welcome throwback to the feeling of a bygone era when Nike Elite socks were as essential as wide-leg pants are becoming today. The Nerf x Nike KD 4 (as well as the “Galaxy” edition) were also hard to get originally, making this year’s second chance for both even more welcomed. —Zac Dubasik

Nigo x Nike Air Force 3

Expected Release: TBD

An official Nigo x Nike collaboration is the sort of thing that felt like it would never happen, but here we are. The spectacle alone is enough to create anticipation, and there have already been a few teasers as to what can be expected. Rather than the garish patent leathers from his Bapesta days, it looks like Nigo’s work with Nike will lean more toward his Human Made aesthetic. In November, the Japanese designer wore a reworked Air Force 3 Low in a colorway inspired by Nike’s “Escape” line. Sources tell Complex his work with Nike will include several Air Force 3 Lows, although the “Escape”-inspired pair won’t likely be part of that bunch. Whatever the case, people will definitely be paying close attention to this link-up that’s been decades in the making. — Riley Jones

Futura x Nike SB Dunk Low

Futura x Nike SB Dunk Low

Expected Release: Spring 2024

While Futura may not get younger sneakerheads as excited as some of the other people mentioned on this list, he should. The legendary artist is pivotal to streetwear history and responsible for some of the most coveted Nike SB collaborations of all time, like a namesake SB Dunk Low in 2003 and the “FLOM” SB Dunk Highs. So, the brand revisiting its history to tap Futura once again decades later for a big release is nice to see, especially after his most recent work with Virgil Abloh was limited to auction. While we have seen little of the shoe itself aside from a leaked image, a colorful variation of Futura’s artwork will hit the overlays. His signature and Futura Laboratories logo are stamped on the side panels, tongue, and outsole. It’s a design that feels true to the artist without simply being a riff on his past work (something that would have been a layup considering how hard those old pairs are to get). SB hype has cooled a bit in comparison to just a few years ago. This is one of those projects that has the potential to reinvigorate it.   —Mike DeStefano

Trophy Room x Air Jordan 1 Low

Expected Release: February 2024

This should be an interesting one. Trophy Room’s Air Jordan 1 Low isn’t the store’s first collaboration since the debacle behind its Air Jordan 1 High project in 2021, when many believed the store’s owner, Marcus Jordan, backdoored a portion of the stock. This is its first high-profile shoe since then, though, after a lukewarm reception to its Air Jordan 7 in 2022. There are two pairs: a Trophy Room exclusive and a wider release, both inspired by Michael Jordan’s Fleer rookie card. It’s the right kind of storytelling for Marcus, whose work is at its best when it references his father’s legacy as the GOAT. Will the shoes be hyped? Probably. Will it be a fair release? No one knows yet. This is the part where everyone reading wants us to crucify Marcus. But we’ll leave that up to the public once the dust settles on Trophy Room’s latest rollout. —Matt Welty