Steph Curry has done wonders for Under Armour, boosting the brand’s basketball sales by over 700 percent. That’s what happens when you win an NBA championship and MVP in the same season. The biggest criticism about his relationship with the brand is how his sneakers actually look. They’re being sold by the boatloads, but who’s actually wearing them? The biggest moment the Currys have had—larger than anything Steph has ever done in them—was when his all-white “Chef” Curry 2 Lows got completely roasted on the Internet, just because they look like dad shoes. Was the roasting fair and warranted? It’s debatable. Did it give the sneaker a higher profile than Under Armour ever could have imagined? Definitely. It wasn’t just people on Twitter that gave the sneakers hell, either. Stephen Colbert talked about the sneakers on television, while they were even a butt of a joke in the WWE. But oddly enough, Under Armour and Steph are the ones winning here. The world is paying attention to their shoes, even if it’s for all the wrong reasons. —Matt Welty