Nearly as long as athletic sneakers have been made, there’s been a personality attached to help sell them. When he was a coach, The Converse All-Star added basketball legend Chuck Taylor’s name and now it’s the best-selling shoe of all time. Athletes endorse everything in today’s society, and footwear is a large portion of the products they push. Their on-court performances have captivated generation after generation to align themselves with a particular sneaker. Michael Jordan’s line with Nike, no matter how great the design (Tinker, you’re a god), would never have had the same cultural resonance if he didn’t win six NBA championships. Kobe Bryant wouldn’t have kids excited about his umpteenth shoe if he wasn’t, arguably, the best Los Angeles Laker ever to play the game. But it’s not only basketball players who have had a large impact on the lineage of signature sneakers. Nearly every major sport has had a stud who’s had their name put on a shoe and had it sell in mass quantities.

Tennis players such as Stan Smith and Rod Laver have become names that are more associated with their adidas sneakers than their playing legacies. Other brands marketed multi-sport athletes with equally dynamic personalities, such as Bo Jackson and Deion Sanders, and it worked. It starts with the endorser’s on-field accomplishments and ends with a product that not only fits their personality, but connects with the audience it’s being sold to. And let’s be honest: The weight of the cosign is real when whatever’s on your feet has been approved by one of the greatest athletes in the world. There have been plenty of people who have received their own sneakers in the past, but these are the best. Here are The Best Signature Sneaker Lines of All Time.