Remember last fall when Stephon Marbury said his $15 Starbury sneakers were made in the same factories as Nike and Jordan products? Welp, the former two-time NBA All-Star is back at it again, taking to Twitter to show off his upcoming light-up sneakers and firing more shots at the Swoosh.

This time around, Marbury says that his new light-up Starburys are made with the same materials that Nike uses in China. It's similar to the claim he made last year about the factories, but it looks like Marbury is going even harder now, announcing his plans to "flood the world with affordable kicks."

Look, what Marbury's trying to do here is admirable, but we can't help but feel like he might be going about it the wrong way. Instead of tweeting about how great the shoes are, wouldn't it be better to let the sneakers speak for themselves? Then again, upon second glance, maybe that's not such a good idea after all.

Check out the full tirade below.