Picking out the best sneakers of the year used to be easy. Imagine, for example, figuring out the best sneakers of 1988. There were no retros, no collaborations. And even the biggest releases of the year only dropped in three or four colorways, max. The 50 best releases of 1988? That would have been more or less all of them.

Now? Good luck. With major releases happening virtually every weekend, it's hard to even keep track anymore. And by the time December rolls around, the big hits of January and February are all but forgotten, buried under a virtual avalanche of can't-miss this and must-cop that. But that's why we're here. To ensure that this was the best of the best, we sat down with a large group of editors and considered tons of sneakers. If it doesn't correlate to other previously published lists, that's why. And to be fair, we only discussed sneakers that have been out already. (So no Gamma Blue Air Jordan XIs or Black/Red Air Jordan Is). From the most true-to-the-original retros to the wildest collabs, from the most advanced modern basketball sneakers to hybrid runners, from EMZ to HTM, these were The 50 Best Sneakers of 2013.

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