Every year we do this, and every year it gets more difficult. Maybe it's because there are more releases every year, maybe it's because the releases get better every year—whatever the case, narrowing down a full 12 months of drops to the 10 best is a task that even Hercules himself would have a problem with. (Then again, he'd just pick 10 pairs of mandals, then go redirect a river or something.) It's easy to forget about sneakers that dropped in January, or for that matter, ones that dropped in September. So the only way to do it is to narrow things down. You will not find straightforward retros here (see my man Gary's list for an explanation of that). You will not find all the most hyped-up sneakers here. You will find ones that I wore consistently in 2013, because wearing a sneaker is the surest sign you love it. Or at least it should be. And hey, maybe 2014 will be easier. Although I highly doubt it.

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