Written by Nick DePaula (@_NDP)

There were of course a ton of shoes that released this year, and my huge disclaimer right from the jump is that if something released for the fifth time (looking at you, Cement IIIs) then you definitely won't find them here. 

The best of 2013 should include new models for the year, new colorways of past classics, or first-time Retros of classics we've been waiting on. If something was already the best shoe of 1985 or 1988, then I didn't give it much thought. 

Another huge factor for me, was simply, “What did I like wearing?” With that in mind, I picked out a few models like the new adidas Boost and the “Fear Pack” Jordan IV that were just really, really good and versatile to kick around. 

Check out my top ten picks ahead, and be sure to tell me on Twitter how much you disagree and don't want to hear about my favorites next year. And if I could've tracked down a size 14.5, there's a good chance Teyana's GLC Harlem would've made my list too.