College is supposed to be the most important learning experience of your life, and not only in the classroom. The life skills you collect over your four (or five, or six…) years on campus are the foundation for all future personal growth. This is your chance to escape your parents’ iron rule and discover who you are as an individual. You’ll meet different kinds of people, see new things, and be introduced to fascinating, unexpected ideas.

The colleges and universities on this list are perfect backdrops for this exciting period of your life. Whether you want to stick close to home or travel halfway around the world, there is a college somewhere that fits your unique needs. Just be sure to study up – the majority of these schools are included in the QS World University Rankings 2020.

College is always fun, even if you’re stuck on an ugly, uninteresting campus. But why not shoot for the stars and apply at one of the Top 50 Most Beautiful College Campuses in the world?