The 50 Ugliest College Campuses Ever

We've created a list of the 50 ugliest college campuses & universities across the United States. View our full list & see if your alma mater made the cut.


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Whether you are in the middle of college admissions, halfway through your second semester, alumni, or a local walking down the street to the coffee shop, those college campuses matter. Apart from academia, many have argued that college is also important for a multitude of extracurricular reasons. Depending on how your college campus is structured and designed, it can contribute to whether or not you’re able to get the most out of the experience.

Do the buildings have windows? How modern is the architecture? Is there enough light? Is it inviting? Is there an actual library? What does the gym look like? Hell, what do the students look like? The list of questions is endless. Needless to say, we put together a list of the 50 Ugliest College Campuses in the United States. My bad in advance if your university is listed. We hope you still got to enjoy college life and got the most out of it. 

50. University of Cincinnati


49. Worcester Polytechnic Institute

worcester polytechnic institute

48. Brandeis University

brandeis university

47. Pitzer College

pitzer college

46. Skidmore College


45. Ithaca College

A look at Ithaca College is seen

44. University of New Mexico

university new mexico

43. University of California Irvine

university california irvine

42. South Dakota School of Mines and Tech

A look at a South Dakota campus area

41. North Carolina State

north carolina state

40. California State University, Sacramento


39. CUNY Hunter

cuny hunter college

38. New York University

new york university campus

37. Bennington College

bennington college

36. Carnegie Mellon University

carnegie mellon university

35. Valparaiso University

valparaiso university campus

34. Illinois Institute of Technology

illinois institute technology

33. University of Massachusetts - Dartmouth

university massachusetts dartmouth

32. Case Western Reserve University

case western reserve university

31. University of Texas at Arlington


30. University of California, San Diego

university california san diego

29. University of Illinois at Chicago

university illinois chicago

28. Clarkson University

The entrance of a college campus is pictured

27. University of Texas at Dallas

A look at the University of Texas at Dallas campus

26. Rutgers - New Brunswick

rutgers new brunswick

25. Alaska State University

A look at a row of graduating college students

24. Harvey Mudd College

harvey mudd college

23. Washington State University

washington state university

22. University of South Alabama

university south alabama

21. University of Tennessee

university tennessee

20. Towson University

towson university

19. Northern Illinois University


18. University of Minnesota Twin Cities

university minnesota

17. University of Maryland, College Park

university maryland

16. Hampshire College

hampshire college

15. SUNY Binghamton

suny binghamton

14. New Jersey Institute of Technology

graduation covid missouri

13. University of Massachusetts Amherst

university massachusetts amherst

12. SUNY Albany

suny albany

11. University of North Texas

A look at a college campus is shown

10. Rowan University


9. Community College of Rhode Island - Knight Campus

A college campus entrance is shown

8. Georgia State University

georgia state university

7. SUNY Stony Brook

suny stony brook

6. Drexel University

drexel university

5. SUNY Buffalo, North Campus

suny buffalo

4. SUNY Purchase

A college campus is seen with students

3. Rochester Institute of Technology

A college campus is pictured in daylight

2. City College of New York

city college new york

1. Ava Maria University

ava maria university

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