There’s a reason why they call the primetime slot, well, primetime: it’s the time of night, after dinner (or maybe right when you get home from work) when everyone tunes in for some quality television. The word “primetime” might make you think of serious, long-running dramas like ER, Law & Order, CSI, or NCIS. While hard-hitting dramas are great, they can also be emotionally draining—sometimes you want something that will make you laugh and lighten the mood.

Many great sitcoms and other comedies have anchored that primetime slot, providing hilarious, memorable moments that are still relevant in pop culture to this day. NBC’s “Must See TV” block from the ‘90s through the mid 2000s consisted of some of the most recognizable comedic franchises in TV history. Whether you were following the lives of Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Ross, Chandler, and Joey on Friends or cringing your way through the mundane yet chaotic antics of the characters on Seinfeld, that slot was guaranteed to have you cracking up night after night. It’s safe to say we’ve been blessed with a wide range of quality comedy throughout the years.

Today, we have hit shows like Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Modern Family, Black-ish, and of course Donald Glover’s Emmy award-winning Atlanta at the forefront, and dominating conversations about the best shows on television. And if you’re flexing with a premium cable package, you’re likely familiar with more highbrow shows like Veep and Silicon Valley. Whatever your taste, there is no shortage of great shows to choose from when you just want to kick back and let out a good laugh. If you want to explore all of your options, we have you covered. Here is our list of the 50 funniest TV comedies of all time.

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