Amber Rose Defends Donald Trump Endorsement After Previously Calling Him a ‘Sexual Predator'

Rose's criticisms of Trump have surfaced after she recently endorsed Trump via Instagram.

Gilbert Flores / WWD via Getty Images

Amber Rose is a Trump supporter and she doesn't care who knows it.

Just hours after Rose endorsed Donald Trump on social media, her old anti-Trump tweets surfaced, prompting her to defend her decision to support the former president.

Posted in 2017 and 2018, respectively, the first post shows a streetcorner trashcan, which Rose jokingly dubbed "Trump" at the time. "Trump thinks he's slick showing up to the Women's March in La," she wrote.

The second post calls Trump a sexueal predator.

"Mannn fuck the fact that he's old and fuck the fact that he was on TV. He is a sexual predator just like Trump and Harvey [Weistein]! (I hope they get their day as well)," it reads.

Both posts are a far cry from the Instagram post that Rose shared on Monday, in which she poses with Trumop and his wife, Melania.

The Shade Room reposted the image, leading Rose to double down, slamming President Joe Biden in the process.

"Lmaooo y’all think Biden cares about black ppl??? Sad. Do your research,” she wrote. “I did. I’ll always put women first. Y’all want biological men in women’s sports. Trump supports the most reasonable compromise on abortion. Stop being brainwashed, cuz WE’RE ppl of color. Make your own decisions."

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