Celebrity: Mitt Romney

With his non-existent presidential dreams dashed, and his time as Massachusetts governor long over, it looks like Mitt Romney is now one of the many folks who are unemployed in America. Sure, he still has a fortune to keep him afloat, and it's not likely that he will need to apply for government assistance any time soon, but it has to be getting pretty boring for Mittens to be shuffling around his multiple homes with nothing to do.

Our advice? He should click on Craig's List or pick up the classifieds to see what his next career choice could be. He should be careful not to go for any of the positions that he and his cronies have outsourced to other countries over the years, though. He would be in for a rude awakening.

So, Mitt, make sure that your résumé is up to date, and go out and buy a nice suit, because it's a tough economy out there. You don't want to wind up as one of the dreaded 47-percent looking for a handout, do you? —Jason Serafino