Celebrity: Clint Eastwood

We're big advocates of separating a celebrity's political views from his craft, and there is no better example of that than Clint Eastwood. The man brought a tough guy attitude to Hollywood by playing iconic roles like The Man with No Name and "Dirty" Harry Callahan in the '60s, '70s, and '80s. And since then he has moved behind the camera as a director on quality Oscar bait like Mystic River and Million Dollar Baby. But for as much artistry as ol' Clint has brought to cinema over the years, his surreal RNC speech is a role he should never reprise.

We all remember what happened: Clint came out on stage in front of thousands of people and pretended that an empty chair was President Obama. He then proceeded to perform a wacky comedy shtick with the chair for what felt like an eternity. With this one political gaffe, Eastwood turned himself from a legend into a joke. His tired, out-of-touch views bear no resemblance to what either political party should be trying to achieve, and he instead came off as the bitter old man from the neighborhood who would hold your Frisbee hostage if it ever landed on his lawn.

Clint, you need to make a comeback in 2013. Forget about political parties and endorsements, and reclaim the self-made-man mystique you once had. If not, we're afraid we're going to turn on the news one day and hear that you got arrested at an IKEA after arguing with an end-table you thought was Jimmy Carter. —Jason Serafino