Producer: Larry "Lay Law" Goodman
Album: Strictly 4 My N.I.G.G.A.Z.
Label: Amaru/TNT/Interscope

Mr. Fuck-a-cop is back. “I was framed! I got a crew of zoo ni**as!” Over a gangsterish groove, Pac offers a sometimes meandering treatise on the trials of Amerikkka's most hated. “I can't take it being me/Ever since the movie motherfuckers wanna do me/Or sue me.” Yet another example of a consistent 2Pac formula: rapping as a lonely voice surrounded by dark oppressive atmospherics.

The production is ominous—a siren sample adds to the morose mood—and the lyrics speak to the newfound pressures of post-Juice fame. Still Pac was capable of coherent criticism against so-called gangsters: “You can kill a ni**a but you afraid to pop a cop.”