Ghostface Killah turned 47 in 2017, but he is still one of hip-hop music's most vibrant talents. The Almighty GFK has been the most consistent wordsmith out of the Wu-Tang stable from the time he introduced himself to the rap world on “Da Mystery of Chessboxin.’” Tony Starks has been hitting us over the head with amazing verses and songs for nearly 25 years now; this decade alone has seen him drop collaboration albums with his Wu compatriots Method Man and Raekwon, his fellow New Yorker Sheek Louch, the Canadian jazz trio BADBADNOTGOOD, and Adrian Younge, twice.

Ghost followed up his verses on Wu-Tang’s Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) by co-hosting Raekwon’s Only Built 4 Cuban Linx before releasing his classic solo debut, Ironman, in 1996. He topped those classics with his critically-acclaimed masterpiece, Supreme Clientele, in 2000. Since then, he's released more solo albums all brimming with creativity.

The Shaolin native has been firmly placed in the pantheon of rap’s all time greats, especially when it comes to storytelling. Ghost has brought to life for us his childhood days on the track “All That I Got Is You,” failed attempts on his life on “The Hilton,” and wars waged with the DeLuca crime family on Twelve Reasons to Die.

The Wally Champ has one of the most charismatic personalities in rap history: He rocks robes with jeans and Timbs, has a Wonder Woman bracelet, dons gaudy necklaces and rings, and can give you advice on life (just listen to his MTV advice audiobook, “The World According to Pretty Toney,” and his “Wizdom of the Week” video series for proof).

On top of all that, his pen is masterful and his style is untouchable. When he’s not in storyteller mode, Tony spits with no rhyme or reason, often leaving the listener beguiled and confused—​but that’s what makes him a one of a kind rapper. His raps is like ziti, and they can take you into another world. Come take this walk with us as we represent Wu and rank the 50 best Ghostface Killah songs.