The recording sessions for Drake’s sixth album Certified Lover Boy were kept fairly under wraps, but this much I am certain of: the studio reeked of Afghani Bullrider

That’s the cannabis strain of choice for Noah “40” Shebib, Drizzy’s right-hand producer and engineer, and the sonic landscaper behind the last decade of hip-hop. The 38-year-old Grammy winner swears by the bud. He smokes it while crafting beats, doing household chores, and chilling with the OVO crew (who he says all swear by the strain as well). He even sparks a fat joint of the stuff in the middle of our Zoom interview.

40 speaks of Bullrider and its role in his life with a fervent, mile-a-minute energy. He says the strain gives him a “third eye” into the music he creates, helping him zero in on certain frequencies he couldn’t hear before. More crucially, smoking it mitigates the harsh side effects of the medication he takes to treat his multiple sclerosis, which he was diagnosed with at 22. And it does so while allowing him to continue making chart-topping hits.

“I can smoke that weed and still function. I’m very cognitive, aware, on point, organized—like, it doesn’t slow me down,” 40 tells Complex Canada. “So I think it was able to help me treat my side effects, but still let me be able to function at an incredibly high level.”

Never one to bogart a spliff, 40 wants to share the strain’s benefits with the Canadian pot-smoking public. He co-founded a cannabis brand—named Bullrider, naturally—with Jef Tek, a venerated grower who’s bred the strain to perfection over the years. So good is the shit that even Drake is on board.