In wake of DMX’s tragic overdose, family, friends, and fans have shared moments and memories that show The Dog’s true character. This prompted one Twitter user to detail a chance encounter with DMX. 

On Tuesday, Twitter user Jen Fraser created a thread detailing the time she and her stepdaughter, Mia, met DMX. Fraser started the story by explaining that her daughter had recently graduated college at the time. For her graduation gift, Fraser allowed her to pick a vacation to any city she wanted to visit for the weekend. Being the smart graduate she is, Mia decided to explore San Diego because the short flight would allow her more time to maximize her weekend.

On their flight, Fraser and her daughter upgraded to first class where they ran into DMX and the Ruff Ryders crew. The trio had a genuine encounter discussing everything from Instagram to the Hamilton soundtrack. This connection led X to ask for their contact information so that they could be guests at his show in San Diego.

When they arrived at their hotel, they received a message from X via the lobby. The rapper asked if they could meet him at his hotel which was about 45 minutes away in downtown San Diego. After some convincing from Mia, Fraser agreed to meet The Dog.

“As we walked to our room from the lobby my phone rang. It was DMX, he asked us to meet him at his hotel in 45 minutes, he was downtown,” Fraser wrote. “I looked at Mia and she begged and i said yes… As I hung up she said, ‘you aren’t wearing that.’”

Mia gave Fraser a slight makeover and they were on their way. When they arrived, they knew they were at the right place because a swarm of people on motorcycles wearing Ruff Ryder jackets was in front of the building. DMX came outside to meet them and thanked them for coming. He ushered them into the entourage tour bus and shuttled them to his show. He sat with them in between his set, took pictures with them, and even treated them to an unreleased song about his grandmother which features John Legend. 

The only stable person in DMX’s traumatic childhood was his grandmother. In the song “I Miss You” featuring Faith Evans from his The Great Depression album, X documented the love he had for his deceased caregiver. 

“@DMX is a talented artist, a loving father and a kind soul,” Fraser said about the unreleased record. “I hope they release the song about his grandmother, I remember it being very different and personal.”

DMX is currently in a vegetative state due to complications from an overdose. As people pray for his full recovery, Fraser’s story proves that X was a one-of-a-kind artist who thrived off his connection with fans.