Verse: 3
Key line: “My health good, my mama good, my n****s too/And they only wanna have good times like Josh Safdie”

If you hadn’t noticed, Tyler likes rapping again. For years, he told anyone who would listen that he was bored with writing rhymes, even going out of his way to warn everyone not to expect a rap album before IGOR dropped. Well, something changed this year. Between loosies like “GROUP B” and a string of guest verses on songs with artists like Freddie Gibbs and Westside Gunn, it looks like he’s fallen back in love with the art form. His verse on “327” is so effective because he isn’t afraid to show us how much fun he’s having in the booth again. Effortlessly flowing over a soulful piano loop from Camoflauge Monk, he brags about his glowing skin and waxes poetic about riding around town blasting “Frontin’” by his idol Pharrell. “Yes, I’m is, I’m so happy,” he clarifies, in case you hadn’t picked up on his incredibly good mood. In fact, Tyler is feeling so good here, he manages to pull a reference of the Safdie brothers’ Good Time out of thin air. If Tyler’s spirits stay this high, we might just get another rap album from him soon. —Eric Skelton