Album: 4 (2011)​
Producer: Cainon Lamb, Beyoncé, Shea Taylor

"Countdown" is such a simple concept—an entirely realistic story about a decade of monogamy and loyalty to a man, the true story of Beyoncé and JAY-Z. In the song, Bey channels '70s production with '90s samples from Boyz II Men's "Uhh Ahhh," which was the inspiration behind the initial concept of a countdown. The vivacious snare drums paired with Beyoncé's sassy vocals that span octaves in the song created a standout song about one of the most loyal relationships.

Lyrically, Bey keeps it simple with lines like, "Still love the way he talks/Still love the way I sing/Still love the way he rock them black diamonds in that chain." If it doesn't automatically make you want a love like Jay and Bey, then you're not doing it right. It's such a triumphant claim of love that everything from the backup singing to the horns and orchestral drums that it's hard to listen to the song or even watch the video to "Countdown" without feeling overwhelmingly happy and wanting to be in love, too. —Lauren Nostro