Label: Columbia Records 
Released: June 11

Calling your third album Hall of Fame is a bold assertion, but then again, Polo G titled his first two albums Die A Legend and The GOAT. So far, the post-drill star out of Chicago has lived up to the titles, and then some. Hall of Fame has something for everyone. There are deep cuts that showcase a complex, contemplative side to Polo, and there are massive radio hits like the world-beating second track, “Rapstar.” You couldn’t go anywhere, in any part of the country, without hearing “Rapstar” bursting from car speakers, and it became immediately clear that Polo G had transcended regional stardom and earned a global presence. But Polo shines brightest when he’s telling stories. He blends clarity and a unique eye for detail with the gravitas of a natural narrator, and “Bloody Canvas” is the best example of this on the album. Hall of Fame does something every third album should do: It solidifies his strengths while leaving enough room for experimentation and development. —Will Schube