Label: Warner Bros. Records
Released: June 2

Dua Lipa found success with her self-titled debut album, which captures the now 22-year-old singer discovering her place in the pop scene. The project has its moments of charm, like “Lost in Your Light”—a bop of a duet between her and crooner Miguel—but where Lipa truly shines is digging into the emotional side of relationships. Her hit single “New Rules” is a step-by-step guide to cutting off an ex, while “IDGAF” is the musical version of a middle finger to a lame. “No Goodbyes” offers a relatable tale of heartbreak, one that Dua Lipa experienced first-hand. “It was really tough for me to talk about at that time because I was preempting what could be the future and I was still in that relationship,” she previously told Complex. That foresight, and more importantly, honesty, is what makes this album such a gem from an artist ready for the next chapter in her career. —Edwin Ortiz