Alleged Reference Tracks for Drake’s "Mob Ties" and "Ratchet Happy Birthday" Leak

Vory and PartyNextDoor were listed as co-writers on 'Scorpion' tracks "Mob Ties" and "Ratchet Happy Birthday," respectively.

Vory performs with a microphone, wearing a hoodie. Drake, in a tracksuit with "NOCTA", smiles while using his smartphone
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Vory performs with a microphone, wearing a hoodie. Drake, in a tracksuit with "NOCTA", smiles while using his smartphone

Another alleged reference track for a song from Drake’s catalog has surfaced on social media, with attention this time being directed to the Scorpion era.

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As you’ve likely seen on your timeline by now, what’s claimed to be Vory’s reference track for Drake’s 2018 fan-favorite "Mob Ties" is indeed currently making the rounds, thus setting off another round of a debate that has long been a particularly impassioned one for fans and detractors alike.

To be clear, Vory has been credited as a co-writer on the song since its release. Below, see the full rundown of names officially listed as contributing to the composition and/or lyrics of the song in question, per Apple Music.

List of songwriters: Allen Ritter, Asheley Turner, Matthew Jehu Samuels, D. Atkinson, Jean Claude Olivier, Anthony S. Cruz, Aubrey Drake Graham, Hollins Tavoris Javon, Inga Marchand, Mc Kay Cory, Nasir Jones, Samuel Barnes

The track was recently given a specific mentioned from Akademiks amid the then-active back-and-forth between Drake and Kendrick Lamar. During a previous appearance on Joe Budden’s podcast, Akademiks said it would “hurt my heart” to hear that Drake “got some help” on the song.

this was after 6:16 In La dropped btw

— Bagon (@oulpss) May 28, 2024

If the latest leak is indeed a legitimate reference track, there were several noticeable tweaks made to Vory’s contributions prior to Drake cutting the album version of the song. While several key moments remain the same, including the closing lines of the first verse and the first half of the chorus, what sounds like a proposed second verse is entirely different.

DRAKE - “Mob Ties” reference track leak!!

Vory - Mob Ties

— Pusha Thanos !!! (new acc) (@PushaThanos__) May 28, 2024

Another Scorpion track’s alleged reference track was also in circulation on Tuesday. Though most of the discussion (as seen below) ultimately zeroed in on the alleged Vory cut, an alleged PND version of "Ratchet Happy Birthday" did not go unnoticed.

DRAKE - “Ratchet Happy Birthday”
reference track leak!!

PARTYNEXTDOOR - Ratchet Happy Birthday

— Pusha Thanos !!! (new acc) (@PushaThanos__) May 28, 2024

As with the alleged Vory leak, it's worth noting that PND is publicly credited (and has been since 2018) as a co-writer on that song. He also contributed background vocals to the album version of the track.

This doesn’t prove anything other than they worked on the song together. The lyrics in Drake’s version are completely different and way better if we’re being honest. Thank God this was Drake’s song and not Vory’s.

— elbirdleaf (@elbirdleaf) May 28, 2024

instead of trying to expose Drake , we should be giving Vory his flowers for being an incredible song writer . Dude is behind some of the best hooks and flows 💪🏾🙌🏾💐

— SVDP (@shanvdp) May 28, 2024

That’s my point … If Drake didn’t write those timestamp raps we having a whole different discussion…. Them songs Yatchy and Vory making ain’t putting Drake in no top nothing convos ….

— ⚜️The B-U-N™⚜️ (@BayouBun) May 28, 2024

Wait a GHAT DAMN MINUTE, You tellin me Drake had a ghost writer on Mob Ties?! So you tellin me he ain’t write “Louy Bags In exchange for body bags” say it ain’t so! 😫

I’m a Drake fan but nah gang, this NASTY work. 😓

(Full Reaction in thread)

— Scru🇳🇬 (@scrufacejean) May 28, 2024

Drake getting Mob Ties and changing the word "shooters" to "help"

— Tristan (@AyoTristan) May 28, 2024

Kendrick was right, someone over at OVO hates Drake. How do these reference tracks keep getting leaked like this?

— Cawb (@CAWBBBB) May 28, 2024

The Lox assessment of why Drake is a great entertainer but can’t fairly be in the running for Best Rapper Alive is hella fair and reasonable. You can give someone credit for performance while still telling the truth about the rest.

He’s essentially a hip hop method actor.

— ☼Blue-nita Applebum (@bluecentric) May 28, 2024

this clip of Lebron telling Drake mob ties his fav song is so much funnier now 🤣

— T.Cooke 🕶 (@thecookebook) May 28, 2024

Fam. Drake fans DO. NOT. CARE. About him writing lyrics or not. I don’t know what you expect from them at this point.

— David Dennis Jr. (@DavidDTSS) May 28, 2024

Meanwhile, Drake continued to seemingly tease that new music could be on the horizon during his surprise appearance at 21 Savage’s Toronto show on Monday. Earlier this month, the 6 God told fans that "summer vibes" were "up next," a sentiment widely interpreted to mean that he is moving on from his and Kendrick's beef.

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