Boi-1da Breaks Down How He Made the Beat for Drake's "Mob Ties"

Grammy-winning producer Boi-1da has been working with Drake ever since his 2006 mixtape 'Room for Improvement,' maintaining excellent chemistry.

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Grammy-winning producer Boi-1da has been working with Drake ever since his 2006 mixtape Room for Improvement, maintaining excellent chemistry all the way to Drizzy's latest, Scorpion. A highlight from Scorpion is "Mob Ties," produced by Boi-1da (with co-production from Allen Ritter), and in a new video with Splice, Boi-1da broke down what went into crafting the hard-hitting beat.

"The song really and truly started with this guitar melody played by Allen Ritter," he revealed, playing the smooth loop that provides the backbone for the beat. However, the loop was originally a lot slower, with Ritter going for more of an R&B vibe. When it came to shifting the production to more of an aggressive hip-hop approach, Boi-1da downloaded Sonny Digital's drumkit from Splice. Check out the video up top to find out more about its creation.

Boi-1da recently partnered with Splice to release his own sample pack, using it as an opportunity to launch a competition. "My thought process during making the pack was putting sounds in the pack that challenge producers to just be different and do different things with production and think outside of the box," Boi-1da explained. "A lot of my sounds are going to be tweaked and just warped in different ways... I’m excited for everybody to change their sound with this pack." Submissions for the contest have already closed; the winner will be flown out to collaborate with him on an original production. The winner will be announced on April 8.

Splice recently raised $57.5 million in Series C funding, and the company also shared the news that it has paid $15 million in royalties to creators who have distributed their sounds through Splice. "Splice is truly becoming a platform for the millions of musicians we dreamed of when we first started building it," Steve Martocci, Splice co-founder and CEO, said.

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