50 Cent Can’t Help But Once Again Mock Diddy Over Latest Sexual Assault Allegations

50 has added another entry to his Diddy mockery canon, this time in response to a $30 million lawsuit from an ex-producer.

50 Cent in a white patterned shirt and cap on the left; Diddy in a jacket, black jeans on an event stage on the right
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50 Cent in a white patterned shirt and cap on the left; Diddy in a jacket, black jeans on an event stage on the right

50 Cent. Diddy. Mockery. It's a proven formula, and it's being put to use once again following news of another lawsuit against Diddy, this time focused on allegations made by a producer who worked on last year's The Love Album: Off the Grid.

In several Instagram updates that were later removed, 50 commemorated the latest news with a screenshot of a TMZ article, as well as pics showing Diddy with Rick Ross and Floyd Mayweather. The latter, as previously reported, was recently called out as "stupid" by 50 following his defense of Diddy in connection with the assault allegations against him.

"Aww shit, I’m on the floor dead somebody bring me back to life," 50 captioned one post, as seen below.

“Maybe this is a big understanding,” 50 added when sharing the aforementioned Rozay and Mayweather shots.

Two men close to each other's faces as if in mid-conversation or confrontation, onlooker captures the moment
Diddy in a varsity jacket, hugging a man, both smiling, with onlookers. Used in music context

Still live on 50's IG at the time of this writing is a follow-up post addressing the fact that the classic video for his breakout hit "In da Club" had topped two billion views on YouTube. In the post, 50 seemingly referenced the Diddy mockery, telling fans, "This is nothing after that last post."

50 Cent poses with a baseball bat on his shoulders

Of course, this is merely the latest entry in a long and repeatedly headlined series of Diddy-mocking 50 updates. The list of such instances is long, almost overwhelmingly so, and seems poised to continue regardless of what transpires next.

As for the newest suit against Diddy, who last year denied the “sickening allegations” against him in a statement released through his lawyer, Rodney "Lil Rod" Jones has accused the Bad Boy Records founder of sexually assaulting him multiple times. Diddy has denied the allegations, with a lawyer telling TMZ Jones "is nothing more than a liar" who's "looking for an undeserved payday."

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