50 Cent Responds to Chris Tucker’s Story About How Much Michael Jackson Loved "In Da Club"

The King of Pop especially loved the lyrics which the comedian told him not to sing.

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50 Cent was highly amused with Chris Tucker sharing a story about the late Michael Jackson vibing to his biggest hit "In Da Club."

On Monday, the G-Unit boss took to his Instagram with a post of an old Chris Tucker joke about a time the comedian hung out with the late King of Pop. Tucker explained the two were riding in a car when Michael Jackson said he loved 50's "In Da Club" and started singing and beatboxing the song. 

According to Chris Tucker, the whole situation was "cool" until MJ started rapping the words of the songs which had the comedian up in arms. 

"[I said] 'Michael, Michael, no! Don't sing the words. Please,'" said Chris Tucker. "[He replied] 'I love that song, Chris! I love that beat. I love it, Chris. That is a cold-blooded beat. Of course I wouldn't go in the club with a bottle full of 'bub, Chris. I wouldn't do that! But I love that song!' 'It doesn't sound right, Mike.' 'I know but I love it!'"

In his caption, 50 wrote, "😆yo chris is crazy 🤦‍♂️who didn't like that one 🤷🏽‍♂️LOL #bransoncognac #lecheminduroi."

50 Cent was recently compared to the King of Pop during the New York stop on his Final Lap Tour. At the Barclays Center, 50 brought out J. Cole as a special surprise guest, and the Dreamville boss made quite a statement regarding the Queens native's groundbreaking debut album, Get Rich or Die Tryin'.

"Can I say this before I walk off stage? If you don't make some noise for one of the greatest n***as to do this shit 50 muthafucking Cent, Curtis Jackson," Cole said in front of a raucous crowd. "Get Rich or Die Tryin' is the best album of all time I don't give a fuck what you talking about. It's Get Rich or Die Tryin' at number one, and it's Thriller at number two, and I love Michael Jackson."

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