Sexyy Red Arrested for Disorderly Conduct in Airport Fight Captured on Video

The rapper was on her way to host WWE's 'NXT Battleground' in Las Vegas.

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Sexyy Red was in an intense brawl at an airport this past weekend that got her arrested.

On Saturday morning, Red was sent to jail for her involvement in a brawl at Newark Liberty International Airport between her crew and another group of people. Video footage obtained by TMZ showed people fighting at one of the airport gates while others tried to move out of the way.

TMZ dropped the surveillance footage of sexyy red getting into a fight at the airport

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At one point, the "SkeeYee" rapper came into the frame wielding a metal stanchion and attempting to use it on someone. Red didn't appear to make contact with anyone as someone pulled her away. Things got more hectic as security tried to stop the fight from getting any worse.

Police eventually arrived on the scene and arrested Red, along with several other people. According to TMZ, Red was arrested for disorderly conduct while others involved were hit with assault charges. The victims of the brawl went to the hospital and were treated for minor injuries.

Red was released and hopped on her socials to let fans know she "just got out" and also shared a post where she offered to pay for the phone of the group she got into a scuffle with.

"To the people that was in that altercation at the airport please dm me so I can replace yo phone !!," Red wrote.

Chile, #SexyyFree

Rap superstar Sexyy Red was arrested at the Newark airport after an altercation due to someone taking an unauthorized photo.

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Red was on her way to host WWE's NXT Battleground premium live event in Las Vegas, Nevada, when she got involved in the brawl at Newark Airport. She managed to get to Vegas and had several memorable moments hosting Battleground, such as twerking with Lola Vice, participating in a backstage segment with Shawn Michaels, and more.

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