Hannibal Buress’ DJ Says They’re Working on a Hip-Hop Album

Will Hannibal Buress save the world of hip-hop?

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Sure, we’re sitting around waiting and wishing for albums from Cardi B, Childish Gambino, Drake, or Kanye West in 2018. But that’s because everyone has been sleeping on the man who could save all of hip-hop: Hannibal Buress.

Tony Trimm, Buress' tour DJ and co-host of his podcast Handsome Rambler, confirmed in a recent interview with journalist Mr. Wavvy that they are working on a music project together. He admitted that they were still in the early stages. “We started lightly working on some music, like an actual album. We just gotta sit down and get focused and write the album and make the beats,” Trimm said. “We already have a few [songs] in mind.”

But it doesn’t sound like Buress and Trimm are going to be producing a comedy album in the form of raps. “Obviously it’s Hannibal and he’s just natural funny, but we do definitely want to make it a quality album,” Trimm said. “There’s definitely gonna be good production, maybe some features,” he added. “It’s not gonna be like an Adam Sandler album where it’s just funny songs, but something that could bang at the club, too.”

Trimm also shared that the pair’s dream list of collaborators include Bjork and Chance the Rapper, which should give you a sense of where their sound is headed (or not, because I don’t know what a mashup of Bjork and Chance sounds like.) The chance of working with Bjork is almost nonexistent—Trimm might've said it as a joke—but Chance is much more likely.

Buress is a knockout comedian, known for his stand-up and regular appearances on The Eric Andre Show, but he's also a good rap feature: You can listen to him spitting verses on songs by The Cool KidsLil DickyOpen Mike Eagle. He’s also been onstage with Gucci Mane and co-directed a Chance the Rapper music video. He also dropped his own solo cut “Gibberish Rap” released five years ago.

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