Alabama Woman Says Lil' Kim's ‘Ducking’ Dance Move Saved Her From a Nearby Shooting

Kim's dance move from the "Quiet Storm" remix saved a woman's life.

Lil' Kim performs on stage in a black outfit with backup dancer
Terence Rushin / Getty Images
Lil' Kim performs on stage in a black outfit with backup dancer

An Alabama woman credits Lil' Kim’s iconic dance moves for saving her life.

Two shootings have occurred at the Westgate Village Apartments in Dothan, Alabama, causing residents like Shariah Taylor to fear for their safety, WTVY reports.

Taylor says that she was outside with her child when suddenly gunfire erupted on April 26, but credited dance moves from Lil' Kim, for surviving the incident.

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“I hear pop, pop, pop, about 7 rounds,” said Taylor. “So I’m dodging, I’m ducking, I’m dodging, I’m ducking, I’m dodging, doing my Lil' Kim. I’m trying to get my baby in the car, then I threw my baby in the backseat and we just sped off.”

The dodging and ducking Taylor is referring to is Kim’s infamous moves as first seen in the 1999 “Quiet Storm (Remix)” music video with Mobb Deep.

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Kim’s moves became a meme in recent years thanks in part to a performance of the track on the 2019 BET Hip-Hop Awards that saw Junior M.A.F.I.A. and others take the stage for a medley of classic hip-hop hits.

Despite Taylor’s somewhat lighthearted framing of the shooting, the situation highlights concerns about safety in her apartment complex that has residents feeling uneasy.

According to WTVY, a mother was shot through her window while in bed with her children in early April at the same apartment complex. However, the Dothan Police Department told the news station that the two shootings aren’t believed to be connected.

“Two separate shootings this close together gives us cause for concern,” said Lieutenant Scott Owens, Public Information Officer with Dothan Police. “We still want the community to come out and be a partner with us and help us stop these senseless acts of violence.”

“Our patrol officers are going to more heavily saturate that area in the coming weeks to make sure we are as proactive as we can be,” he added.

“Sometimes, I don’t feel safe,” Taylor said. “I’m kind of paranoid out here and I’m scared.”

“If you stay in Westgate Village, stay in your house,” she added. That’s all I’ve got to say.”

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