Courtney Love Says Taylor Swift Is ‘Not Interesting as an Artist,’ Doesn’t Like Beyoncé, Lana Del Rey, and Madonna

The former Hole frontwoman has some smoke for contemporary female pop artists.

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In usual Courtney Love fashion, the rock legend still keeps it frank about her thoughts on contemporary women in pop music.

The former Hole frontwoman spoke to The Standard in a article published last week, where she gave some hot takes about Beyoncé, Taylor Swift, Lana Del Rey, and her longtime frenemy, Madonna.

Concerning Beyoncé's latest album, Cowboy Carter, the singer made it clear that she wasn't a part of the BeyHive. "I mean, I like the idea of Beyoncé doing a country record because it’s about Black women going into spaces where previously only white women have been allowed, not that I like it much. As a concept, I love it. I just don’t like her music," Love told the publication.

After speaking highly of female rock, soul and pop pioneers like Patti Smith, Nina Simone and Joni Mitchell, Love frowned upon Swift, a modern pop sensation who's the most-streamed female artist of all-time. ‘Taylor is not important. She might be a safe space for girls, and she’s probably the Madonna of now, but she’s not interesting as an artist,'" Love scoffed.

She even threw some shade at Swift's bestie, Lana Del Rey, whom she hasn't liked "since she covered a John Denver song," and even suggested that the singer "should really take seven years off." "Up until ‘Take Me Home, Country Roads’ I thought she was great. When I was recording my new album, I had to stop listening to her as she was influencing me too much," Love continued.

In terms of Madonna, who Love infamously disrupted during the 1995 MTV VMAs post-show, Love insinuated that there's still beef between them. "I don’t like her and she doesn’t like me. I loved 'Desperately Seeking Susan,' but for the city of New York as much as her."

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Love's gone head-to-head with top women in pop music before, once dissing Gwen Stefani as being a "cheerleader," in a 2004 interview with Seventeen. Turning the shade into a chart-topping hit, Stefani responded with her 2005 single "Hollaback Girl," which has an iconic cheerleader-inspired chorus.

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