Nicki Minaj Becomes First Woman to Achieve 100 Entries on Billboard Hot 100

Nicki joins the cast of 'Glee,' Drake, Lil Wayne, and Elvis Presley.

After debuting at the No. 83 spot as the featured artist on Tyga's track "Drip," Nicki Minaj became the first female artist to land 100 songs on the Billboard 100 chart.

Minaj's accomplishment makes her just one of five acts total, male and female, to hit the milestone. As Billboard notes, the 60+ year old list currently combines streaming, airplay, and sales data to compile the current hottest songs in the country. They also note that Minaj officially joined the cast of Glee, Drake (for more on Drake's crazy run be sure to check this out), Lil Wayne, and Elvis Presley as the only performers to get 100+ mentions on the rundown. Though worth noting is that Elvis's number is lower because his career pre-dated the lists' 1958 debut.

As it stands, the current collection of musicians with the most all-time appearances is, in order:

207, Glee Cast

191, Drake

160, Lil Wayne

108, Elvis Presley

100, Nicki Minaj

98, JAY-Z

93, Kanye West

91, James Brown

90, Chris Brown

77, Taylor Swift

75, Ray Charles

75, Future

73, Eminem

73, Aretha Franklin

71, The Beatles

70, Justin Bieber

All 100 of Minaj's appearances have come over the course of this decade, with her first such spot coming as a featured artist on Lil Wayne's "Knockout" back in February 2010.

Nicki dropped her fourth studio album Queen back in August of this year. 

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