Mack Maine's Gross Miley Cyrus Comments Resurface After He Sides With Drake in Kendrick Lamar Beef

Mack Maine co-signing Drake's "The Heart Part 6" has disgruntled followers bringing up past comments about waiting for Miley Cyrus to turn 18.

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As to be expected, Mack Maine is siding with Drake.

But the Young Money president’s support of the 6 God has driven some to dig up Maine’s questionable comments from the past.

On Sunday, Maine responded to Drake’s tweet about the arrival of “The Heart Part 6,” writing a slew of laugh-crying and robot arm muscle emojis.


— Mack Maine (@mackmaine) May 6, 2024
Twitter: @mackmaine

On “The Heart Part 6,” Drake denied Kendrick Lamar’s claims that the OVO head is a pedophile. Now, it appears that Maine and Drizzy might have a few commonalities—i.e. liking underage girls. 

X users came for Maine’s response to Drizzy, with one asking, “Why you laughing?” While it was unclear, at first, what the user was getting at, a second user chimed in.

Why you laughing?

— DJ (@Fade2bald_30) May 6, 2024
Twitter: @Fade2bald_30

The second user quoted Maine’s verse from the 2009 Young Money song “Every Girl,” specifically pointing to Maine's line about Miley Cyrus. “‘In about 3 years holla at me Miley Cyrus,’” the person wrote. “The OVO Grooming Factory. Sit this one out.”

“In about 3 years holla at me Miley Cyrus…”.

The OVO Grooming Factory. Sit this one out.

— DuffJuice (@DuffJuice30) May 6, 2024
Twitter: @DuffJuice30

Maine not only made remarks about Cyrus in the aforementioned song—which came out when she was 16—but also in social media posts.

“Happy bdayyyyyyyyyy 2 my babygirl Miley Cyrus….17yrs old…1 more yr… luv,” he wrote on her birthday in 2009.

Obviously you'd support him

— F L A I R R A M A L I I 𖤐 (@flairr_amalii_) May 6, 2024
Twitter: @flairr_amalii_

This you?

— Justin (@15HunnidJustin) May 6, 2024
Twitter: @15HunnidJustin

On “Meet the Grahams” and “Not Like Us,” Lamar accused Drake of preying on young girls and hanging out with sex predators. Drizzy attempted to discredit Kenny on “The Heart Part 6.”

“I never been with no one underage but now I understand why this the angle that you really mess with / Just for clarity, I feel disgusted, I’m too respected / If I was fucking young girls, I promise I’d have been arrested / I’m way too famous for this shit you just suggested,” he raps.

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