Tinashe’s “Nasty” Reaching Hit Status Following TikTok of White Guy Dancing and Whining His Hips

The 31-year-old singer's latest single might become her first Billboard entry in eight years.

Tinashe poses in a stylish, sleeveless black dress at a Billboard Women in Music event against a blue backdrop
Gilbert Flores / Billboard via Getty Images
Tinashe poses in a stylish, sleeveless black dress at a Billboard Women in Music event against a blue backdrop

Tinashe could have another hit on her hands, thanks in part to social media.

The 31-year-old’s latest single “Nasty,” from her forthcoming BB/ANG3L PT. 2 — Quantum Baby album, arrived last month and quickly became a viral hit with the help of one nerdy dancing white guy.

According to Know Your Meme, a TikTok of a user named Nates.Vibe performing Caribbean “wine” dance moves with a dance partner was edited with “Nasty” as the background song. 

good morning 😃 pic.twitter.com/nWBrGJK0kJ

— 𝙟𝙖𝙫𝙞 (@grruessome) April 27, 2024
Twitter: @grruessome

The clip took off like wildfire on X where it garnered 10 million views and even caught the attention of Tinashe herself, who remade the now-iconic dance moves with her own TikTok.

Nashe’s viral moment didn’t stop there, as other memes emerged online inspired by the song’s catchy one-liners such as, “I’ve been a nasty girl” and “Is somebody gonna match my freak?”

Sims Nashe doing the viral nasty dance pic.twitter.com/FVQqiOcRWt

— mai✨ (@original_miyah) May 17, 2024
Twitter: @original_miyah

Shoutout to whoever first put nasty over this video that made it become a viral meme and gave tinashe her moment. YOU’RE SO REAL ! Anyways, KEEP STREAMING NASTY https://t.co/Qksh3X6Hdm pic.twitter.com/7SYKDPncZ1

— kaysey (@gwskays) May 14, 2024
Twitter: @gwskays

and i couldn’t help but wonder… is somebody gonna match my freak? pic.twitter.com/7jwTPm2dSu

— kyle cL (@kycarrerolopez) May 17, 2024
Twitter: @kycarrerolopez

i’m not going to ask again…… is somebody gonna match my freak? pic.twitter.com/TZCPlH0tnp

— WiLL (@willfulchaos) May 15, 2024
Twitter: @willfulchaos

Is somebody gonna match my freak. pic.twitter.com/Kvm3BV0ibX

— wasian doll (@soberkravitz) May 16, 2024
Twitter: @soberkravitz

is SOMEBODY gonna match MY FREAK? pic.twitter.com/S7UfQu8LT1

— Boo Barrymore (@BooBarrymore) May 13, 2024
Twitter: @BooBarrymore

“is somebody gonna match my freak?” could be the existential question of our time

— Sydney Battle (@SydneyBattle) May 16, 2024
Twitter: @SydneyBattle

I’ve been a nasty girl https://t.co/wkNST3kMaC

— MATT MEDOOSA ʚɞ (@mattmedoosa) May 15, 2024
Twitter: @mattmedoosa

The way Tinashe had all the world saying “I love to get 2 On” just about this time 10 years ago and now she has us all asking “Is somebody gonna match my freak?” pic.twitter.com/dgwGjCysEy

— reid (@thereidfeed) May 17, 2024
Twitter: @thereidfeed

Now, the song’s viral success is beginning to translate on the charts. 

According to Billboard’s Kyle Denis, “Nasty” has garnered over 705,000 U.S. on-demand audio streams during the period of May 10-13, per data from Luminate, showing a 48 percent increase from the 475,000 streams the prior weekend. Denis also notes that the “Nasty” has climbed to No. 30 on Spotify’s Viral 50 USA chart.

Tinashe has been releasing music independently since parting ways with RCA Records over “creative differences” in 2019, according to Rolling Stone. Her last Billboard entry was the “Slumber Party” remix with Britney Spears, which bowed at No. 86 on the Hot 100 in 2016.

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