Mariah the Scientist Reveals Young Thug’s Thoughts on Drake and Kendrick’s Feud: ‘He F*cks with Everybody’

Thug, who remains behind bars amid his RICO trial, has reportedly had his girlfriend play Drizzy and K Dot’s diss tracks to each other over the phone.

Mariah The Scientist performs on stage, Young Thug in a white jacket and green pants, Drake in a black outfit, and Kendrick Lamar in a suit at music event
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Mariah The Scientist performs on stage, Young Thug in a white jacket and green pants, Drake in a black outfit, and Kendrick Lamar in a suit at music event

Mariah The Scientist says she’s been keeping Young Thug up to date on Drake and Kendrick Lamar’s feud while he remains behind bars.

While speaking to Billboard’s Michael Saponara, the 26-year-old singer mentioned that she keeps boyfriend Young Thug, 32, updated on current events, and has been a source of support for her emerging career.

“I talk to him every day, all day. When I have the opportunity to go to court and tune in physically, I am there. I feel like he appreciates, respects and encourages the fact that I have a strong work ethic and am actively working as much as I can,” Mariah told the publication. “It’s good to do that, because if I didn’t I probably would be a little more down and out about it. He’s done a lot of the things I’m doing now, but he’s, like, living vicariously through me again. We talk about it all the time. I feel like he pushes me to do more things. He’s very encouraging. He’s definitely supportive.”

On the list of topics to discuss lately between Mariah and Thug included the Drake and Kendrick Lamar feud that cooled off after the latter released his now-Billboard chart-topping hit, "Not Like Us."

“I tell him everything. I might tell him too much. I play him the [diss] songs over the phone and shit. He’s a lover of music in general. He fucks with everybody. I don’t think he would ever be able to – let me not speak for him,” Mariah said.

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She continued, “He love music though. He thinks it’s interesting, for sure. We were listening to some of the songs. Not all of them, because now I’ve gotten lost. In the beginning, I was like, ‘Hey, there’s a tizzy going on.’ I played him some of it. I feel like those two people are both great rappers. With all of the rappers with the guy and the girl rappers, granted it’s cool for the craft, and to be able to keep up with that — because let me not lie and say there’s no competitive energy in the music industry. Because there is.”

According to Billboard, Thug, born Jeffery Lamar Williams, was arrested in May 2022 along with 27 others, facing numerous charges under Georgia’s RICO Act. Despite maintaining his innocence, he has been repeatedly denied bail and remains incarcerated. His trial began last November.

“I feel like sometimes they expect me to say he’s down and out. He’s not really that kind of guy. It’s very rare that he’s like that. Obviously, everybody doesn’t have perfect days every single day,” Mariah said. 

“For the most part, I have more down days than he does. I don’t want to say I believe too much in astrology, but he’s a Leo, and Leo is ruled allegedly by the sun. I’m a Scorpio and a Scorpio is allegedly ruled by Pluto — the coldest, darkest planet. And he’s the sun. It can be a lot of contrast. Where there’s room for contrast, there’s room for balance.”

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