Baka Not Nice Says There's 'No Comparison' Between 'Donda' and 'Certified Lover Boy'

Hours after the release of 'Certified Lover Boy,' OVO's Baka Not Nice took to Instagram to share his thoughts on label boss Drake's new album.

Baka Not Nice

Photo by Carlos Osorio/NBAE via Getty Images

Baka Not Nice

Hours after the release of Certified Lover Boy, OVO’s Baka Not Nice is already giving Drake the W in his long-standing battle with Kanye West.

Baka took to Instagram on Friday to share his thoughts on CLB, claiming the album is in another league than Kanye’s Donda.


While most rap fans will be quick to compare Drake’s latest offering to Yeezy’s, others are already pitting the Boy against Jay-Z. Earlier today, Trae Young shared his thoughts on CLB, reopening the GOAT debate on Twitter.

“When we gonna say Drake has passed Hov?” the Atlanta Hawks point guard wondered aloud.

As fans began taking sides, with many criticizing Trae for asking such a blashemous question, Young reminded his followers that he, too, still believes Jay-Z is the best. 

“Everybody, Hov #1 to me,” he wrote in another tweet. 

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