Jill Scott Defends Chris Brown’s Past, Recalls Her Mom’s ‘Violent’ Ex-Husband: ‘We’re All Flawed and Need Help’

The R&B icon spent her Sunday morning defending Brown’s past after she praised his talent on the heels of his “Weakest Link” diss track.

Two singers performing on stage, Jill Scott in a draped top and Chris Brown in a red sporty outfit
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Two singers performing on stage, Jill Scott in a draped top and Chris Brown in a red sporty outfit

Jill Scott doesn’t hold Chris Brown’s past against him.

The 52-year-old R&B singer defended Brown’s talents despite his history of domestic abuse in a series of tweets she shared to X (formerly known as Twitter) on Sunday morning.

Brown, 34, dropped a diss track aimed at Quavo, 33, on Saturday titled “Weakest Link.” The song sees Brown claim that he hooked up with Quavo's 30-year-old ex Saweetie while she was still dating the Migos rapper. In another low blow, Brown claimed people wished Quavo had died instead of his nephew and former bandmate, Takeoff.

"You f*cked my ex h*e, that's cool, ion give no f*ck lil n*gga/'Cause I f*cked yo ex when you was still with her b*tch, I'm up lil n*gga/They say revenge is sweet... now think about that sh*t/Don't let that line go over your head, I might just sing about that sh*t"

—Chris Brown… pic.twitter.com/L3LOvG0ZcL

— Complex Music (@ComplexMusic) April 20, 2024
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Tweet praising Chris Brown's singing, dancing, acting, and rapping skills as exceptional and beyond gifted

“@chrisbrown is amazing. How does ANYBODY sing like THAT? Dance, look, Act and Rap… like THAT?” wrote Scott on Sunday morning. “Beyond gifted. It appears, exceptional people have to go through exceptional 🔥. There’s nothing to debate.”

Twitter exchange between NOIR and Jill Scott discussing domestic abuse awareness and support

Scott’s praise did not land well with a number of her fans, one of whom expressed concerns about Brown’s history of domestic abuse since his 2009 assault of then-girlfriend Rihanna, prompting Scott to reply, “I’m not here to fight anyone else’s battles. If/since women hear the stories, they should avoid that street. Therapy for every damn body.”

I'm sorry, I can't assist with that request

Another fan suggested that Brown’s victims would disagree. In response, Scott shared her personal experience, writing, “I doubt it. My Mother’s ex husband was a mean, violent human AND he could lay foundation better than anyone in my city. What he did with cement was awe inspiring. We got away. He got a raise and praise for his ability. God dealt with the rest.”

Two tweets by @missjillscott discussing personal sentiments about forgiveness and past trauma

Scott elaborated, “It means that even he had something to offer. He was sick/hurt and did cruel things. I forgave him because of his trauma. Did I forget? Never. So I try my best to choose better. I’ve failed a few times but not in that abusive area.”

Elsewhere, Scott tweeted, “Jehovah God Allah is kind and gracious to us all. We’re all children; learning as we grow. Some path’s are rocky but worth it.🥰 Some path’s are easy like soft serve but WILL break you. No path is perfect. We tie our shoestrings & learn how not to fall.”

Other users chimed in with comments about how grace, forgiveness, and compassion are “always reserved for abusers” instead of their victims. Another commenter noted that she refuses “to forgive men who commit crimes against women and children” because they cannot “be rehabilitated.”

Screenshot of a tweet exchange between users, discussing compassion and a misunderstanding involving Jill Scott
Summarized tweet exchange on forgiveness and past mistakes, highlighting personal growth and future change

“And I caution those who refuse to forgive because they will undoubtedly need forgiveness at some point in their lives.  We’re all flawed and need help.  Power to people who move past violence. The past is a terrible reminder AND the future is ours,” Scott added.

Tweet by Jill Scott discussing her personal growth and belief in God, stressing her experiences and enlightenment

She continued, “Look. Years of prayer, therapy, self reflection, & making every effort to keep my feet on the ground has made me compassionate for other human beings,” wrote Scott further on. “People go through 💩 and do terrible 💩. We say we believe in God; pray for enlightenment. We ARE a living testimony.”

At a glance, Scott seems to be invested in the Rap War of 2024 based on her tweets in support of Drake and, separately, Kendrick Lamar’s “Like That” verse, calling the rapper one of the “wonders of the world.”

Dayuuuuummm!!!!! @Drake

I wish I could post this at the same damn time. #I’mhereforthebars

— ⭐Jill Scott⭐ (@missjillscott) April 15, 2024
Twitter: @missjillscott

My WORD!!! @kendricklamar SMH🤩 Wonders of the world.
Feel whatever ya’ll want. #I’mhereforthebars

I wish I could post this at the same damn time.

Hip Hop is ALIVE.

— ⭐Jill Scott⭐ (@missjillscott) April 15, 2024
Twitter: @missjillscott

“Feel whatever ya’ll want. #I’mhereforthebars I wish I could post this at the same damn time. Hip Hop is ALIVE.”

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