The feud between 6ix9ine and Lil Durk continues to escalate, as the rainbow-haired rapper apparently took to his Instagram Story to troll Durk once again.

In the now-deleted IG Story post, 69 shared images of Durk, writing, “Remember this goofy said he want all the smoke” and “Lil Durk reportedly not dropping album today.” 6ix9ine also referenced Durk’s cousin, OTF Nunu, or Nuski who was killed in Chicago in 2014: “Leave the smoke to Nudki #Nuski pack.” It appears that 6ix9ine might have purposely misspelled Nuski’s name.

The album that 6ix9ine's referring to is Durk’s impending release, “The Voice,” which, according to iTunes, is actually a single and not a project. It seems that Durk never explicitly called it an album either, but has been promoting it steadily on Twitter and IG—and that he might have initially announced “The Voice” to troll 6ix9ine after he announced his album release date in Chicago. It could also very well be that Durk was deliberately vague about the details surrounding “The Voice.”

Still, people ran with “The Voice” being a project of some sort—and went with the fact that it’s slated to drop on Sept. 4, the same day that 6ix9ine is releasing his album TattleTales. Regardless of whether Durk is sharing a song or an album, Tekashi took it as an opportunity to bait Durk, particularly in regard to Nuski’s death.

The two rappers have been going back-and-forth since 6ix9ine announced TattleTales in Chicago. During that same visit—which followed the arrival of Durk’s collab with Drake, “Laugh Now Cry Later” in mid-August—6ix9ine made sure to visit the site of Nuski’s fatal shooting. Of course, Durk’s verse on “Laugh Now Cry Later” just so happens to include a line about snitches, which many thought was a shot at 6ix9ine: “I'm in the trenches, relax/Can you not play that lil' boy in the club? 'Cause we do not listen to rats.”

Then, this past weekend, during an IG Live session, Durk claimed that someone from 6ix9ine’s camp offered to pay the Chicago rapper $3 million if he kept trolling 6ix9ine. While Durk says he turned down the proposal, as the days have passed, it looks like Durk has taken more jabs at 6ix9ine on social media, making references to being in the trenches—or being in the streets rather than being fake or a rat—and the $3 million offer.

Shortly after the arrival of his album on Friday, 6ix9ine hosted yet another Instagram Live stream in which he trolled and antagonized Durk. "Fuck Durk," some of those with 6ix9ine in the stream could be heard yelling.