After becoming a free man earlier this month, controversial Brooklyn rapper 6ix9ine has announced his new album in a video he filmed in Chicago.

"EVERYONE GO PRE SAVE THE ALBUM," 6ix9ine wrote in the caption for the suitably obnoxious video. Walking through a street in Chicago and continually referencing how he is in the city, 6ix9ine announced the record will be called Tattle Tales, and it will be available on Sept. 4. He then proceeds to pour liquor on the floor, and when he's told that "a lot" of people have died where he is, he continues to pour the drink and asks for another bottle.

He ends the clip by running away, pretending that people are out to get him.

Chicago rapper Lil Reese, who has openly criticized 6ix9ine for cooperating with the authorities, responded to the clip in the comments. "I heard you just tried to sneak on block bro lol don't lose yo life playing on internet 69," wrote Reese, to which 6ix9ine responded, "I seen a video of u shitten on yourself :(."

Lil Durk, who recently appeared to call 6ix9ine a "rat" on his Drake collaboration "Laugh Now Cry Later," added, "Damn the feds in Chicago everybody go inside."

But that wasn't all. 6ix9ine headed back to social media to troll Lil Reese some more by posting an old video of the rapper getting jumped.

In another post, 6ix9ine recreated said video. 



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Chicago niggas really think they the shit #ALBUM SEPTEMBER 4TH PREORDER

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