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Drake, while speaking about his beef with Pusha, agreed that Kanye is the root of his problems with the rapper. "That's where all of this stems from," he said.

"It's all rooted in that situation, yes. I think that he definitely recruited a guy with a similar dislike for me no matter what he says in interviews. I know that... There's something there that bothers him deeply and yeah, I can't fix it for him. It just is what it is. I could never ever ever ever turn my back on the things that I've said about him in a positive light, and I still feel all those same things. He's still my, obviously with the exception of Lil Wayne... and if I look at Hov as the guy who truly shaped the majority of my thinking, skill set, all those things, Kanye West would be my favorite artist all around. And that's just facts. I have no problem saying that... Things have changed. I'm not just some kid that's a fan anymore. Now we have personal situations, and like I said, a lot of his issues with me, I can't fix them for him."

When B.Dot asked if he would be open to communicating with Kanye, Drake responded, "No, not really because it's just not on my end. I have no problem with any of these guys, I don't even know these guys like that."

Drake also confirmed that lyrics from his "Sicko Mode" verse were directed at Kanye, which is something 'Ye tweeted about in December 2018. "I can't lie to you. Of course they were. But, it's also in... like I said, this is a sport at the end of the day. And you know from a very early point I have never shied away from defending myself. And I'm also sometimes eager to engage if I feel that you wanna be slick or be offensive behind the scenes, I might choose to address it in music. That was how I ended myself up in the Pusha situation."