During a recent chat on Real 92.3, Blueface estimated that he's slept with 1,000 women over the past six months. "I'm a fucker," he joked after revealing the figure. "It's like sometimes it might be a threesome, it might be a foursome. I done had a fivesome," he explained. "Me and four girls...it was pretty hard."

In a follow-up interview with Big Boy, Blueface says he's added more to that number since last week.

"Nah I'm probably like 1,010 now," he said when asked about his body count once again. So essentially the rapper boasted that he's been with 10 more women in less than a week. The interview took place at 92.3's Real Street Festival, which saw the rapper performing alongside Cardi B and ASAP Rocky.

Blueface has been in a polyamorous relationship with two women for some time now, and he revealed in his earlier interview with Big Boy that he never has sex with one of them at a time. "We can't do it without each other. Can't do the one without the other one," he said.

During his time at the festival, he also caught up with Chuey Martinez to speak about his rise as a performer. "Right now I just got my passport so we finna go over yonder," he revealed. After all the success he's had so far, he's seemingly looking to finally take a break.