The Wilson family is in full celebration mode following Russ' historic new contract. That excitement was on full display when Ciara stopped by Bravo's Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen,where she talked about her husband's new bag and more. 

The only thing more newsworthy than Russell Wilson becoming the highest paid player in the NFL was the way he confirmed the reports. Because the deal was struck close to the midnight deadline Wilson imposed on the Seahawks, the quarterback was unable to hold an official celebratory press conference. Although a clever tweet about his expendable cash would have sufficed, Wilson decided to take things a step further by posting a video of himself and his wife half-naked in their bed, gloating about the family's new funds. The following day, the clip became the talk of the internet. As a result, Ciara decided to reveal what happened after the camera stopped recording.

"After we did that video we went to sleep," Ciara insisted. "That video we put up happened like right after, but that was the order of events in the night. So after we did that, we went to sleep."

Due to her own respective fame, Ciara became a point of discussion during Wilson's contract negotiations. On several occasions, NFL critics and players alluded to the fact Wilson wanted to be moved to the New York Giants because Seattle's small market put limitations on his famous wife's career. Ultimately these reports were wrong, as Wilson signed a four-year, $140 million contract extension with the Seahawks. However, Ciara did shed light on these discussions during her chat with Cohen. 

"It was a process and it really went down to the wire, and you really don’t know what’s going to happen until that very last second," the singer explained. "There were a lot of rumors, but we love being Seahawks. Seattle’s amazing, it’s family, it’s 'Go Hawks' for life. This is a special time for us, and we’re glad to know that Seattle’s continuing to be home."

In addition to pocket-watching Russell Wilson, Cohen also asked about Ciara's relationship with former-foe Rihanna. Early in their careers, Rihanna and Ciara had a tense relationship that resulted in RiRi pioneering the internet clap back. Since then, the two have seemed to bury the hatchet which was solidified by a recent video of Rihanna singing Ciara's "Goodies" at a Karaoke night.

"I thought it was so cute when I saw her doing the Karaoke," Ciara said when asked about the clip. "It's all love. I think it's very obvious and clear that it's all love and I'm happy for her. She's been doing her thing, right?"