Label: Counter Records
Released: September 7

Maribou State’s talent for composing organic, electronic soundscapes matures with the clarity of a fine, vintage wine. And as the old school friends’ conjoined career has progressed, their ability to fuse together stirring orchestrals designed to inspire gut-wrenching emotion becomes unparalleled. Released this year, Kingdoms In Colour contains the duo’s most prolific material to date. Producers Liam and Chris incorporate their shared love of exotic sounds within the distinctive, multifaceted aesthetic on their sophomore album: Indian rhythms and shared formative experiences spent exploring the London club scene forge the inspiration behind this immersive, 10-track epiphany. Featuring long-term guest vocalist Holly Walker, the duo are entirely responsible for every last second of the music. Sampling, recording, producing and writing the entirety of the music, the mood of this album is transformational; the pure feeling resonating chord to chord is a thing of pure of beauty. —Milly McMahon