In addition to speaking about his relationship with ASAP Rocky, and talking about fashion, Playboi Carti was asked if his rumored collaborative project/album with Lil Uzi Vert was something coming down the pipeline in the near future.

Though his response was a tad short on details, Carti said that the two have "like 100" songs together somewhere on a hard drive that the public hasn't heard. While that's potentially hyperbolic, it's still obvious that they've put in a ton of work at the studio.

"We've been recording since like 2015," Carti said, in a barely audible voice on L.A.'s Real 92.3. "So we know what we got to do." Though specifics are sparse, you can check out his comments at around the 5:30 mark below. Oh, and also crank that volume way up:

Asked what else he's working on at the moment, Carti said "Everything." He also indicated he has ambitions to have his own clothing line, but at the moment he just wants to rap. He called Lil Wayne his biggest artistic influence, and talked about his own fan base.

Anyway, if you're so inclined, check out tour dates for Playboi Carti below.